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Book Bind

Book Bind is a totally unique fusion of arcade action and word skills. You are a book shelver. On a normal day in the library, your job isn't so difficult. But today, gremlins have invaded turning the stacks into personal playpens. Books are flying everywhere! Re-shelve the falling books by tossing up letters to form words in their spines. Do so before they crash and you'll be the librarian's best friend forever. Knock out the various bookshelf dwellers such as gremlins and mice with vowels to get special glowing letter tiles to assist in the word pandemonium. Enjoy this challenging and addicting new twist on word games!

  • Unique combination of arcade action fun and word solving skills.
  • A fun cast of characters including gremlins, mice, moths, and spiders.
  • 5 original and exclusive sound tracks.
  • Two bonus modes
  • 99 levels, 4 difficulty settings
System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/2000/Me/XP or better
  • 300 MHz Pentium or better
  • 64 MB RAM
Download links:

Download link 1       Download link 2


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